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Ursula Strunk 250px  Sängerin


bei AirPlay, ex-der Clou Nice Try u.v.m.

Cat is a passionate singer, songwriter & performer.

Her first vocal coach (an italian opera singer) almost lost his mind over Cat and someone who should really know calls her by the nickname "Ursaxla". She takes it as a compliment!

It took a while until Cat late started in 1992.

She joined a couple of interesting rock, pop & blues projects.

But the most intense time she spent with her band e.d.e.n. They've been all over the place!

1998: Winner of Düsseldorf City Beats contest, 1999: CD production "o.k. girlz" @ Gilby Clarke's Redrum Studio in Los Angeles, 2000: Support Tour (D/NL) for Gilby Clarke (ex GNR), Support Köln / Nürnberg for Slash's Snakepit, 2001 six months Los Angeles with more than 30 shows @ venues like the Cat Club on Sunset, Opium Den, 14 Below,... Shows from 1 person - 38.000 people audiences opening for / with Gilby Clarke, Slash's Snakepit, Thumb, the Bates, the Starfuckers, the Screaming Cocktail Hour, Liquido, Eat no Fish and many more... They wrote a song for Duesseldorf's american football team "Rheinfire" and were active part of the local music scene organizing the "Plug & Play sessions".

Besides that Cat joined a couple of top 40 / rock cover projects such as Nicetry, the Clou Experience & Rebel Cat & the evil puppies.

She also did a lot of studio jobs for several tv commercials such as C&A, VW and is the singer of the Warsteiner employee song.

Cat had the pleasure to jam with such talented musicians like Teddy Zig Zag Andreadis, David Raven, Matt Laug, Alan Mirikitani, Gilby Clarke, Ryan Roxie, Johnny Griparic, Brian Tichy and Eric Skodis.

Some of them contributed their great talent to e.d.e.n's CD "ok girlz".
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SPUNK - "born naked"

SPUNK - "1999"
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One Eye Open

OEO - "crown of love"
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OEO - "sacred child"
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OEO - "of time and the river"
One Eye Open

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